About Us

Carise and Steve are back at it again with another awesome adventure! 
Ever since their first date at Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) over five years ago, they’ve been inspiring one another to dream the impossible and to keep moving forward. Their common love for all things Disney, theme parks, pop culture and history has led them here, in the wonderful world of theme shirts, epic barware, accessories, and well-traveled goods.
While they're no longer directly affiliated with Disney, there was a time when you could find Skipper Steve navigating some botes (yup, that's how they're spelled in the jungle) at The World Famous Jungle Cruise in Walt Disney World. Carise took part in the Disney College Program servin' up Fast Passes at Hollywood Studios when they launched My Disney Experience.


Steve Fox

Dreamer & Co-Founder of Park Candy

Steve, The Disney Fox, is the dreamer of Park Candy who comes up with most of the amazing ideas you see throughout the store. From the bottle openers to the sunglass straps, Steve has a heavy influence over all of the merch we offer. Honestly, it's just a bunch of stuff he loves and hopes you love it too! 

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Carise Pernell

Artist & Co-Founder of Park Candy

Carise is the originator and creator behind most of the goods at Park Candy. Once she received her degree in Graphic Design from Full Sail in Orlando, she quickly began working on Park Candy and her own design firm, Carise Pernell Design Co. Ever since then, she's watched her creations come to life!

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Hollie Ballard Hockley


Steve met Hollie Ballard Hockley at Walt Disney World and since then Hollie has moved to China with her husband right next to Shanghai Disneyland! She is a natural talent who designs Park Candy staples like the Adorable Horribles, Sweet Spells, and much more. 

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Amanda Conrad


Carise and Steve met Amanda Conrad through Instagram and continued a friendship ever since then. Amanda creates art for Hallmark greeting cards and also draws fun pins, patterns, and more for Park Candy!

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Adam Ostegard


Adam “OZ” Ostegard grew up in sunny San Diego, California with the dreams of being a Disney artist. Moving to Los Angeles to pursue this dream he was discovered by Disney and started as an in house freelancer. Being a big Toy Collector, Adam then worked for the plush company, Applause, where he learned the basics of toy design and manufacturing. Now, Adam lives in Florida and works part time designing the coolest merchandise ever for Park Candy! We’re lucky to have him on board.

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Connor Graf


Connor Graf is a hand letterer and illustrator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Drawing has been a part of his life for as long as I can remember, and it's a pleasure getting to share my passion. He’s been obsessed with theme parks his entire life and tries to incorporate magic into every design that he creates.

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