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About Us

What's Park Candy?

Park Candy is a collective of unique and fun ideas that brought dreamers and doers together to create colorful and whimsical clothing, accessories, and household items to the table of beiges and browns.

The approach is simple: design products that with a functional and honest core purpose while also creating an experience that could excite your eyes, bring forward a memory, and allow an emotional response. From the start, Park Candy has only created products that they themselves would buy and offer the customer nothing less than that same level of excellence. It’s really that easy! Whether it’s dapper clothing that you don’t have to dry clean, women’s apparel with deep pockets, or glassware with designs that won’t come off in the dishwasher, we make stuff that’s incredibly cool and extreme high quality, easy to care for, and use the common sense and consumer first mentality.

Because of this common-sense approach, Park Candy has had the ability to effortlessly traverse the genres of products you’ll find under their catalog of wonderments.

Meet Steve and Carise!

There are two halves to Park Candy who share a hive mind approach towards their brand; Carise and Steve - a real couple linked together not just through the business they founded, but through a genuine love they share as husband and wife and as the very best of friends.

In short, they're a couple of big kids who believed that childhood shouldn’t be something you had to hide through adulthood, so they decided to change the world they lived in by spinning pure imagination into wearable fashion and interesting home wares.

Your Purchase Has a Purpose!

Not only are you supporting a woman owned, black owned, LGBTQIA+ positive business when you shop at Park Candy, you are also supporting a foundation. Every purchase with Park Candy includes a donation and always will!

Giving back to our community and the charities that impact our lives and the lives of others means so much to us. We give back for the smile on a child's face, for the wellbeing of our human rights, and for the good of the planet. Know that your purchase will always have a purpose in our store and to the world.

Our favorite foundations include:
CHOC Children's Hospital
Everglades Outpost
The Trevor Project
and so many more!