Voodoo Hoodoo Button Up Shirt

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When times are tough and you need a hand,                                                                        this voodoo guy will be your man.                                                                                          Watch out, think twice, you may regret it.                                                                            This guide to the other side wonʻt let you forget it.                                                      Potions, and spirits, and fortunes all told,                                                                          with this hoodoo doctor does your future hold.

The spirits are dying over this new button up. Be sure to snag this spooky shirt before the doctor sends it back to the great beyond.

Add the matching facemask to complete the look.

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Product Description:

  • Exclusive run of only 100 Shirts
  • Part of the Amanda Conrad Collection
  • Featuring our signature CANDY FLOSS four-way stretch material, the softest and most breathable moisture-wicking fabric you’ll ever wear
  • Branded buttons
  • Embroidered placket tag
  • Imported fabric
  • Proceeds from every purchase benefit the Everglades Outpost and CHOC Children's Hospital

*Note that viewing these colors on a screen only gives an approximation of the colors' appearance.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Barry Short
Excellent shirt

Absolutely love this shirt. Fit and cut is perfect. I get so many compliments from people.

David C.
Size makes a difference

Hi folks,

Love the designs and the fabric, simply amazing and really make me happy. I received my 2 shirts rapidly and upon trying them on found them a bit tight. Likely my fault, typically an XL will DIR me with room to spare but not in this case. Now I have to lose weight- wish me luck. Thanks again- nice designs

Kevin L.
Beware if you have larger arms or biceps…

The shirt runs much smaller in the arms than other button ups I own in the same size. Otherwise nice feel and pattern. Just worried about hulking out if I raise my arms over my head while wearing it. Cool pattern though.